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greener products

Leaning to Green - at VAL we are committed to reducing our environmental impact, this is why we have developed a new greener transfer, click here to learn more.

online quotes

Online quotes and price listing - Simply register your details with and you get instant access to our online quote service and regular pricing updates!

supercover transfers

Super Cover - Having a printing crisis? We are pleased to be able to offer our Super Cover service. Transforming your printing mistake and misery back into quality goods and profit. Click here for more..

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Why transfers..?
Versatile, durable, excellent print quality, easily storable, and cost effective. Find out why transfers are the best choice for most print jobs here. link to our transfer print guide

In-house Application - most of our customers use our In-house application to fix the transfers to their products, but what kind of products can we safely affix transfers to? check here...

Sending us your design? Ensure you send us our preferred artwork formats for the fastest possible setup and turnaround! Our favourite formats include:

  • Illustator
  • Freehand
  • CorelDRAW

Don't forget, we may not have your font, so converting text in designs to outlines / artwork is essential for speedy service!! Click here for detailed artwork specifications prices and requirements.