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VAL to the rescue!

Have you got a job that has been produced incorrectly? Failed to spot the mistake before it was too late?

Don't worry, because help, is at hand thanks to our unique Super Cover Transfers. We are able to offer our services as the textile printers 'Fourth emergency service'. We have already saved our customers many thousands of pounds worth of garments, bags and other promotional products, where printer error has ruined the product and threatens to turn a profitable job into a financial disaster.

"Some of our customers come to us in real trouble, often with furious clients, and tight deadlines adding pressure to the situation. For a competitive price we can successfully get their profit and products back" - Vernon Bradshaw Managing Director.

So, if you have a stack of 'ruined' prints just waiting to be turned into saleable stock, contact our sales team now to find out how its Super Cover Transfers can help you.

Classic Mistakes

Printers have been approaching VAL to put their jobs right for more than 15 years, and some of the mistakes that have been successfully reversed are, in our own words, 'classics'.

One company managed to print 14,000 T-shirts bearing the legend 'UFEA 96' (instead of UEFA!?). Even the suppliers of uniforms for the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth games can make mistakes, with 5000 pairs of trousers incorrectly printed with the word "Commonweath" and only 4 days till the event, but luckily VAL was able to come to the rescue!

VAL are the print trades 4th emergency service

It's A Cover Up

Here at VAL we produce Super Cover Transfers, which are applied directly over the original prints. This effectively overprints the problem areas. In most instances we are able to match the background of the transfer to the garments fabric colour, making the 'correction' virtually unnoticeable.

"These errors are surprisingly common problems within the industry, and VAL can provide the solution. We always deliver: we have never failed to sort out a problem for our customers." - Graham Bradshaw Financial Director

Contact us now to discuss your print correction needs.We are available 8am - 5pm Mon-Fri by telephone on:

phone+44 (0)161 480 6780

Or alternatively send us an email on