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Why Transfer Printing?

Transfer printing as a whole has several advantages over other direct printing methods.
During the process of screen printing for example, there is a tendency for some of the ink to be absorbed into the garment. Transfer print quality is superior in this respect because the transfer is pre-cured prior to application. The result is brighter, bolder colours, and sharper, smoother image definition.
Additionally, transfer printing is a high accuracy and low wastage process. The two step method of transfer printing, then application to product, allows the checking for and correction of, print errors prior to application, and a corresponding decrease in spoiled goods.

Transfers are versatile & durable

Due to our transfers strong bold colour characteristics the range of colour garments they can be applied to without compromise, is unlimited. We also love transfers because of their excellent durability. Our extensive testing of adhesive formula and print methods has lead to a tough long lasting transfer, that shows resistance to repeated washing and everyday and sports use.


Transfers once manufactured, are easily storable and transportable, not only can this reduce your setup costs, it also allows excess transfers to be used at a later date. The kind of flexibility a transfer provides, in its ability to be printed en-masse, stored for future orders, discarded with minimal cost, or even re-applied over an old design are some of many advantages transfer printing exhibits.

How do we produce transfers?

Transfers manufacture starts with a special kind of paper. This paper is coated with a material that allows the print to easily adhere to the surface of the product. Using one of several methods, the design is then printed onto the paper and fully cured. The transfer is then ready to be applied to the product using the heat and pressure from a press, you can learn more about how we apply transfers, and what we can apply them to on our in-house application page.

Different Horses for different courses

Or different printed transfers for different jobs, right? We have a number of methods for printing transfers that are suited to you business needs, and we have excellent experience in using all of them. VAL Transfers are made by using any of the methods below:

Screen printed transfers are more cost effective for smaller runs. Lithographic printing is overall a faster process and worth the setup overhead for larger orders. Both are available in 1 or more spot colours or as 4 colour process designs.

foil transferFoil transfers Add a little luster to your design with foil! These metallic marvels are available in a wide range of colours including silver, gold, multicolor, floral patterns, shades of blues and reds, opalescent finish, plus more!
Pad printing Used for shaped or textured objects not easily or reliably printed by transfers, excellent for printing promotional products such as pens, lighters, golf balls, bottle tops, clocks.

We've put together a little guide to explain how these processes work, you can learn more about our production methods HERE.