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Going Green

We all try to do our bit to making the world we live in a better place. Environmental issues are now more important than ever, and at we are determined to do our part.

Our "Green" transfers are available for use on wide variety of products and garments, including low temperature transfers for fabrics like Nylon, or Pastel colours that are not very heat tolerant.

Our adverts for some time now have stated "All the colours we print are as green as can be" and we LEAN to GREEN in a big way, we care about what we use, and what we sell to our customers. And Yes, we do all the other colours too!

Our green policy

What a product is made of and how it's made forms a significant part of it's environmental impact.

We pride ourselves in refraining from using materials, chemical substances, or processes that are detrimental to the environment. This means that by offering greener products to our customers, we can help contribute to minimizing the impact we make on the environment, in the workplace and to to the end user.

We don't use potentially dangerous solvents traditionally used in screen printing. Our PVC and PHTHALATE free transfers are also lead and other heavy metals free, to comply with the EN71-3: 1995 Toy Safety Standard


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