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Transfer or not to transfer..

printing screenIs that the question? Here at VAL we offer a variety of printing methods for our transfers to suit your individual needs. Our proficient and flexible transfer application is tailored for your particular product requirements. We can even turn your loss from a bad printing error back into profit. We offer the whole transfer printing package to your business, and you can take as little or as much as you want, so we thought we'd take the time to explain more about what we do..

How we make our transfers

On this page you will find out about how we manufacture our transfers! (without giving too much away of course..) Aswell as why transfer printing could save you time, money, and how "Transfer printing as a whole has several advantages over other direct printing methods." Link to our VAL Transfer information page

print errorSuper VAL's 'Super Cover' transfer!

Our Super Cover transfer is your knight in white armour, your shining steed of safety sent from a galaxy far far away to rescue you from all your troubles. Well not quite, but we can turn goods spoiled by printing errors and mistakes back into sellable products! click here to learn more.

Transfer Application

Not only do we make transfers, we can also bond them onto your products for you! We can apply to Caps, Laptop cases, Sweatshirts, Portfolios, Tracksuits, Sports bags, Coarse denia bags, Document cases, Ripper wallets, Cool bags, Ties, Aprons, Football kits, CD cases, Golf towels, High Visibility safety wear, Brollies, Work wear, T-shirts, and almost any other fabric promotional product in leather, nylon, denim, cotton, and polyester.
Learn more about our application service here